How To Become A World-Class Architecture Project-Winning Machine

How To Speak Persuasively As An Architect

All of the ultra-successful architects I’ve met – people like Art Gensler, Richard Meier, Thom Mayne, Frank Harmon and Art Dyson – have one thing in common: They have a highly refined sense of persuasion and showmanship. What do I mean by showmanship? I’m not talking about ‘smoke and mirrors’ or the ol’ dog and…

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Colorado Architect Reveals Winning Ways

zeke freeman interviewed by richard

In this 12-minute mini-interview, Richard speaks with Colorado architect Zeke Freeman on how he’s winning projects using strategies he’s implemented based on the Architects Marketing Academy training. Zeke is a real “action-taker” who has followed through on all the key business-building areas: getting more inquiries, getting more appointments with qualified prospects, and winning the project and…

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Follow The Leader


Ever lost a project you should have won? You have?! Frustrating and incredibly expensive isn’t it. As a sales doctor I am often asked to diagnose the reasons why deals fall over. The most common cause of “collapsed deal-itis” is because the architect is too timid to set up the game. Anarchy is the condition…

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Client Mind Control


“Either the client follows your process for buying or you end up following their process for not buying.” This video shows you how other industries are controlling their prospects. Simple but effective – and the principles can be should be used in architecture. Enjoy, Richard PS: If you want to see how to control and convert prospects better,…

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Becoming A Specialist In Your Market


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Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins


People understand the value of cable TV, so education is not required, but an architect’s advice is another story. Until people understand the benefits and consequences of good or bad architect’s advice, they will not understand the value.

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How To Get Paid For What You Used To Do For Free


Sales is about the transference of belief. If you believe in the value of what you do, and you transfer that belief to your prospective clients, you’ll sign up more of them and never get fee fever.

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Extraordinary Results Without Extraordinary Effort


We like success to be as easy as possible. Let me share with you a principle that I try to use every day. The goal is to achieve more with less.

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Why You Need A Triage Nurse In Your Architecture Firm


Every good system has a series of vital steps. When making bread, you cannot forget to include the flour. The flour in the architects marketing system is how we handle that first incoming phone call.

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The Incredibly Mysterious World Of Architect Marketing Math


When members do our type of marketing properly, they need a dashboard to measure their stats. Just like driving a car, you need to be monitoring a set of performance indicators as you roll your business along the road.

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